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remission. those who survived a statement went on to have transplants. >> patients with all, if not in remission, it bails. >> last february, weston participated in a bone marrow drive. his campaign is pushing more african americans to register as donors. his leukemia taxed his t cells. still, he and his wife agree the prospect for a cure are encouraging. >> we are also lucky that we have amazing medical team. they're is hope for kevin. >> a hope because weston is waiting for a bone marrow transplant which now, gives him the best odds of survival.
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researchers say a relapse is possible so they'll have to wait and see. >> oakland city audit finds two city council memberses are live with the story. >> that is right. there are a number of details. the auditor accuses council members of interfering with the city administrative affairs. now, information was blurred because employees came forward in city hall. oakland mayor says some may see this as a black eye it seems things are working the way they're supposed to. oakland mayor kwan responded to a report released today that accuses counsel member read of breaking rules of the
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city charter. also accusation the auditor says they told city employees they should get a demolition contract for the army base. and putting people hand picked in key positions to run it. the mayor says the report says the city has a fair bidding process and that employees do not have to make order autos i'm concerned people understand that we're going to protect the processes being political interference. >> auditor says she and her feem were able to show
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instances of council members violating city charter. it's important to note that the audit does not make legal recommendations and it will fall on the so shold qlerers of the district attorney. if there is a conviction it would be a misdemeanor but it would be enough for the council member to do their job. we have posted a full link to that report on our web site. abc 7 one other thing i want you to know is that coming up at 6:00 you'll hear from kons yil member reed who says not only are the accusations falls but he was doing what he was supposed to. >> california state controller john chung ruled san jose officials illegally transferred land, set aside for the ballpark. the redevelopment agency just
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before the government dissolves the department. >> they just have a's or city lease it back. >> during a meeting the a's owner laid out his face for the aren't team needs to move south to survive. >> our zbol hopefully to come to the one site that we have discovered, the thing that we can relocate in downtown san jose. >> the mayor defends transfer asks vows the city will secure the land for a paul bark. >> all clear tonight. golden gate park after a hand grenade was found this afternoon.
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>> a man using a metal detector found what appears to be an old explosive near mallard lake near martin luther king drive. it's no more and no longer a threat. >> employees are asking for help to identify a man who assaulted a woman then tried to kidnap her. police say a man that looks like this attacked a woman the man described as five 10, 200 pounds grabbed a woman ask tried to choke her, she escaped and ran to a parking lot chased by at tacker. -- attacker. >> one of the controversial gun control bills introduced in california earning high praise from city leaders in oakland.
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a bill that would impose taxes and at gun shows. the money raised would be used for crime fighting programs. >> oakland needs more funds. this would create a revenue source for cities like oakland to fight crime. >> advocates say the bill violates a second amend. >> officials say police will be back on campus tomorrow just in case. yesterday morning the staff was made aware of a rambling threat against it. authorities tell us that threat mentioned today. several officers were mentioned and nothing unusual happened. >> how do you feel about police looking at your private e mails without a warrant?
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right now they can but there is efforts underway to change that. abc 7 news explain what's lawmakers are trying to do. >> if law enforcement wanted to read letters or other paper corresponds they have to get a warrant but in this age of technology you don't have the same protections. if your e mail has been opened or more than six months old law enforcement can read them. >> in cases the law is confusing and has permitted the government to search your e mails. >> investigators look at e mails, that is not always the case. e mail privacy became a debate after the cia director general petraeus resigned or an extramarital affair. privacy experts asked what
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protections do ordinary people have? >> no warrant no. records. >> state senator leno wants to define the line in california. electronic communications should nobody different. they're all private. >> all we're seeing is that we'll make the case there is a reasonable cause to believe illegal activity is ongoing. >> this could require agents get a warrant before asking service providers to hand over e mails. companies would then have to tell you they d some require a warrant but not all. this won't apply. in the past law enforcement had concerns for profits slowing down investigations.
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>> senator leno -- it's unclear what he will do with this proposal. >> nannette, thank you very much. >> coming up from michael finney how getting a driver's license could increase a financial savvy of a teenager. >> and one part of a commute that could see an increase in the speed limit. >> i. sandhya patel. it's dry now. i'll let you know when showers might return. a look at the weekend forecast coming up. >> striking symphony members send a message to
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family and friends of a high school student killed by a cal train are preparing for a vigil tonight. 916-year-old was hit and killed on tuesday afternoon near a pedestrian crossing south of the deradon station. he posted this video playing the guitar. the medical examiner ruled the death an accident. it's not clear what the teenager was doing on the tracks. he was near but not on a crossing at thyme of the mishap. a san francisco bicyclist who ran over and killed a pedestrian pled not guilty today to federal vehicular manslaughter. police say he ran several lights before striking the pedestrian. this month, the defense
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attorney unsuccessfully tried to have the charge lowered to a misdemeanor. >> striking members of the san francisco symphony tried to hit the right notes with the public today.. >> 40 musicians took part of an informational picket the musicians make $165,000 a year and 10 week paid vacation autos there is a top of a centuries old profession this, is a skill cell veled. i've added up 30,000 hours practicing. i have bursitis. >> this for a symphony with the second highest endowment
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in the nation. >> you soon could be allowed to drive faster as part of the switch to all electronic toll collections. they say there is an increase decision on the bridge. qeem you updated. >> a bill shaking up the cosmetics industry is out. a legislation called safe cosmetics act. of 2012 that would give the fda authority to ensure all personal care products are free of harmful ingredients. >> wall mat stores will be soon offering a smarter way to shop. the company is expanding a program called scan and go as seen in this video.
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it lets customers scan things. shoppers see a running total and use a self check out screen when they leave. >> some consumer news tonight home sales and the price of gasoline. >> yes. michael you fin gee here. >> there is some encouraging news on the housing market tonight. the national association of realtors reports sales of previously owned homes reached $5 million in february up 10%. home sales being held back by two things lower pricedded homes and many homeowners waiting for prices to raise before selling. america pumping out more oil. bad news why does a gallon
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still cost so much? rules say gasoline must have 10% ethanol. today, many are saying the real explanation is exports. u.s. oil companies can often make more money shipping oil out of the company. it's legal, even if the oil comes from federal land leases. nearly two thirds of parents say their kids will not have the financial skills they need. >> one of the recommendations is put financial related questions in the case. another is put questions on driver tests. >> the thinking is that kids want to drive so much they'll
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be willing to blern bank accounts if license isn't stale. >> thank you. >> well, it's a sparkling day around the bay area today.. >> that is right. sandhya? >> i had to see a firsthand. i heard a spectacular day. i came out here. blue skies and here is a look i can't not find clouds around the bay area. so we'll be enjoying a clear night. we do have a wind advisory for sacramento and solano. we have winds expected to pick up. gusts 30 miles per hour. 80 in friday. watch out for those winds. i know if you suffer from
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allergies it's not easy when you have breezy conditions. from our camera, beautiful view of ocean beach. here is what it looks like now. oakland 63 a filed day. 63 degrees there. looking at the sfru our sutro camera, san francisco sunny skies downtown. temperatures now 64 in napa. here is a look at what is coming. sunny, mild for friday. pattern holds heading into the weekend. so go ahead and wash cars, high pressure is a controlling factor here. with dry winds we're expecting winds to get gusty.
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here is a look at computer animation. 7:00 p.m. 30, 40 miles per hour wind gusts. with wind blowing things around skies remain clear tonight. upper 30s and down to 40 degrees in livermore, 42 and in the morning cool breeze and cool conditions in valleys. afternoon highs for friday, great way to end the week. 71 in san jose. sunshine in the south bay. 70 degrees in sunnyvale. peninsula, 66 in man may -- san mateo. clear skies downtown san francisco. and showing north bay
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temperatures mid up toer 50 as long the coast. up to 68 in santa rosa. east bay it's going to be a mild one. 69 oakland. inland communities 71 walnut creek. it's a stretch of weather going into the weekend. low to mid-70s around the region so for those of you that do not like it too warm there is a place for you here. cooler and'll notice our radar could be tracking showers. until then just enjoy the weather while we have it. dan? snirl it's great looking there it is.
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>> still to come some of yosemite's top tourist attractions could soon be banned. pending outcome of a meeting tonight. >> and new at 6:00 a battle over new public schools. the bay area community that really isn't crazy about having school kids in their neighborhood.
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a children finds -- study finds mothers with autistic children were 14% more likely to report their children had talked about or attempted suicide this, found to be more common in autistic children 10 years and older. these kinding -- findings after announcing one in 50
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children have this disorder. >> way back when, cow wrestlers used to get the hanging judge. one lawmaker wants to toughen the penalties for thieves who steal livestock. assemblyman frank bigelow is a rancher, his bill proposes prison time for repeat offenders. the group reports that 1100 head of cattle were stolen in california last year at a loss of $1 million. >> if you love yosemite you're going to want to hear this story. there is a meeting on big changes being proposed. the national park service wants to ban items including the ice rink at curry village. the plan meant to restore the park's natural setting.
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>> well, stay with us. san francisco giants fans have san francisco giants fans have a reason forys of walking
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to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
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coming up at 6:00 what some say is another reason to support same-sex marriage. the group says it's good for kids. >> plus, turbing your greens into gold. how you can make change work for you. >> and a look to the new wine season what wine lovers can
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expect. those stories and more coming up tonight at 6:00. >> a new survey of america's best ballparks is out today and fans probably won't agree with results. >> probably not a kortding to the popularity index on trip advisor at and t park is the second best ballpark in the country. >> the web site says even nonfans should take in a game there. >> it's great but here is a look at the top five. fenway park is fourth. the new bush stadium in st. louis is fifth. was not in the top 10. >> that is going to do it for us. >> from all of this is "world news." tonight, breaking news.
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a dramatic shootout. did they finally solve the mystery of the colorado official, shot to death on his family doorstep? boom town. good news about the sale of homes. so hot, we find people knocking on random doors, offering to buy. see which kind of home is selling the fastest. extreme spring? so cold. the sweet, clear, maple syrup is frozen on the tree, forming icicles. and the surprise announcement from scientists tonight about what to expect as spring descends. and hometown hero. a calm 911 operator guiding a teenage girl to safety as robbers break into her home. >> do not open that door. you're doing a great job. just stay there. >> we get survival lessons from the best tonight.
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good evening to all of you. as we come on the air, we begin with a developing story. a high speed chase, a shootout in texas. and authorities believe the target may be linked to that murder in colorado. the prison chief shot in cold blood as he answered the doorbell at his own home. abc's pierre thomas has been tracking all of it for us tonight. >> reporter: tonight, authorities are hoping a high speed chase and shootout on a texas highway will provide answers about this week's murder of tom clements, colorado's corrections chief. authorities confirmed they're looking at a possible link. they say that the wrecked car you see here was crashed after the suspect fired at an officer on a routine traffic stop. >> we came by me, he was probably going 100 miles an hour. just had his left arm out the window and he was just shooting. >> reporter: police say the car involved in the texas shootout, a dark late model cadillac, has colorado tags and is similar in description to a vehic

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